Jack Hammer 2

The Exciting Game of Jack Hammer 2


Since the Jack Hammer happened to be a great favorite with gamers in general, Net Entertainment took advantage of the popularity to develop the new Jack Hammer 2. All the characters of the previous version are there providing you with an exciting video slot adventure.

How you bet

It is extremely easy to place a wager on Jack Hammer 2. As with any online games, the initial step is to make a deposit into your online gaming account. You can do this in various ways, in several currencies and through a series of payment methods. You can really establish the value of the many coins, thereby effectively changing the amount you want to bet.

What you wins

Jack Hammer 2 slotsJack Hammer 2 boasts of no less than 99 fixed paylines, making your chances of winning big remarkably bright. The percentage of payout here remains an amazing 97.1 percent, which by any count is the largest around. There is a special pay table included in this exciting game that renders it easy enough for you see what you stand to win, when the symbols you have bet on come up. To find this, all you have to do is to push the PAYTABLE button.

How freespins work

With Jack Hammer 2, free spins are available with symbols that feature an electric eel surrounded by lightning bolts. Whenever 5 or more free spin symbols are displayed simultaneously on the reels, you have access to the free spin mode. Five free spin symbols are counted as 10 free spins, six symbols offers you 13, seven free spin symbols grant 16 free spins, while eight symbols will give you 20. You stand to win extra free spins while you are on the Free Spins mode, although such spins don’t get doubled by the x2 sign.

While in Free Spins, extra Wild symbols may randomly appear showing the raised fist of Jack Hammer or the orange claw of Don Crabby. These randomly appearing Wilds substitute for every symbol except the Electric Eel Free Spins and regular Wild.

The symbol with the highest value symbol is Jack the hero, who is always smiling or fighting. Then comes Pearl, with a microphone or crying in anguish. The antagonist Don Crabby brings the third highest value, grimacing or smiling. The fourth highest is Don’s Goons. Symbols on the lower side consist of a motor boat, dock scene, empty gun case, spilled barrel of fish and an old fashioned microphone.