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Interesting Review of Gold Slam Slot Game


A lot of online casino players love the multi-version slot games. For a change of pace but one that is equally interesting is the five reel nine pay line slot, which is what the Gold Slam slot machine is all about. This is a slot game that has been released by Sheriff Gaming. It has the old classic style icons which are comprised of watermelons, grapes, oranges, lemon, and cherries. Then it has some bar selections in there as well, which are yellow red and blue.

How you bet

Gold SlamThe Gold Slam slot machine has the standard interface for choosing your way to play. You can select your betting amount that you want to place with the option to increase your bet all the way up to the max bet if you choose to d
o so. An extra feature that you will find on this game is that every time you strike a win you will have a gamble feature that will show up. This will give you the opportunity to choose heads or tails, making the right choice will determine whether your winnings will be doubled or you will lose everything. All nine lines automatically are in play when you place your bet and the value of each spin can range between $.10 to $25.

What you Win

Depending on the amount that you are placing you could win up to $25,000. While the variations in the icons dictate the payout, what you really want to strive for here is to go after the most valuable symbol which is the blue three bar. Gather five of these and you’re in for a significant payout. You can also increase your winnings by turning up the wild symbol, and when doing this it could possibly trigger the nudging wild feature.

How Free Spins work

The one drawback that you might find with the Gold Slam slot game is that it doesn’t have the free spins option. However, there are many other features that it does contain that helps to make up for this. This is the opportunity to collect the wild and scatter symbols which help to increase your payout, as well as the nudge up feature, which will occur if the wild symbol appears. What can possibly happen at random is that the reel one and two positions could be pushed up or down which could possibly give you a collection of three wild symbols. These extra features do really make up for the fact that you are lacking the free spin opportunity.