review Gold Miner

Playing Gold Miner Is Easy


Gold Miner is basically a video slot game, and as its name implies its theme is digging for the precious metal gold. This highly popular game sports smooth and dazzling graphics, featuring striking gold furnishing that harks back to the much filmed Wild West saloons. The multihued icons remain a tribute to the authentic symbols inherent in the pioneering slot machines, comprising of cherries, bars, and sevens. With the active help of Microgaming techniques, the developers have given birth to an easy to play the game, without in any way being too basic.

How You Bet

Gold MinerrGold Miner comes with only one pay line as well as three reels. Gamers should make the initial deposit into their player’s account via their preferred payment method on an online casino. Then they go along and decide on the amount they want to bet on the next spin. The wagers range from a low $0.20 to a high $10.00. Selecting the amount to bet is easy enough, and all the elements of Gold Miner have been developed to render things very simple and smooth.

What You Win

There is the most important jackpot that players really long to try and the winnings are a generous $2,000. The game is played at a specially designed table that assists all gamers to understand at a glance, the amount that is there to win, and also whether they are close to the score that they aim for. As to the payout rate, it is really impressive, and even first time players can easily find out just how long will it take before they make that big win.

Whenever a player wins, he or she is duly presented with a 50-50 gamble option which signifies that the players who select this particular option will double his/her winnings or lose everything. All those gamers who happen to win small, always tend to select this rather tempting option, as it offers them an opportunity to increase the winnings to a large extent. As to the players who’d rather go for the big challenge, they might go for the 50-50 option so that they have a fine opportunity to leave the casino with the jackpot.

How Free Spins Work

Gold Miner doesn’t offer any wild cards or free spins. To make up for this, the game offers the player a lot of special bonuses, making the playing of this game worth playing. Besides, the reels offer the players with a bonus game and for their great enjoyment an additional second screen bonus game too.